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Can interior painting and exterior painting add value my house?

Can painting and decorating add value to my house?

The answer is YES. Any amount of redecorating can help to increase your house value, and usually, the more you do the more your value will increase.

According to Ideal Home, painting and decorating can add up to 5% to your home's value.

You have a budge that is not a problem! If your budget is larger, you can do more extensive redecorating that will contribute to increasing your house value higher but if you’re on a lower budget you will still benefit.

Exterior painting is just as important as the interior as a buyer will be looking for kerb appeal and will want to view your property if the outside has a welcome feel.

Choosing the right colours is important. Choose neutral colours for hallways and corridors; warm tones for living spaces, and colder colors for bathrooms. Save money by utilizing color match paints from brands such as Dulux rather than Farrow and Ball which is great for colors but expensive.

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