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  • Vivek Vij Narang

Why should I refurbish or renovate my house?

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

We ask ourselves on a daily basis questions about spending money on our houses. Usually questions such as is it worth spending money on refurbishment? shall we move houses and buy a newly renovated property, if we spend the money on refurbishing our property will it add value to our house? will we get money back on the renovation project if we sell at a later stage.?

The answer to the above questions are YES; do refurbish or complete renovation if you can afford to do so.

  1. If you are selling your property do carry out the following to reach maximum price from your buyer:

  • Paint the exterior and the front door and tidy up outside.

  • Repair windows and doors as well as old rainwater goods.

  • Update old-fashioned bathroom.

  • Paint old kitchen units and consider a new worktop.

  • Tidy and organise the garden space.

  • Repair, paint or re-carpet stairs and broken balustrades.

  • Paint the interior, a coat of paint goes a long way.

2. If you are selling your property after a few years and can spend the money on a complete renovation, it add thousands to your property value. Be careful with your costings and do your research. If you want to achieve the maximum on your property increased value then consider the following:

  • Extension

  • New bathroom

  • New kitchen

  • New flooring

  • New windows

  • New doors

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